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Welcome to Rush Hour 

We specialize in developing scripted long-form content, as well as providing production services for the entertainment industry at large.

our mission

Develop Long Form Scripted Content

Since founding the company, our goal has been to secure, develop and produce our own long form content, whether it be in broadcast television or feature films. We're currently developing a diverse portfolio of engaging, provocative properties in a number of genres.

Provide Premium Production Services

Utilizing our experience in narrative production, advertising, live action, design, animation, and visual effects, we solve problems for our clients. Whether we're helping to execute a fully developed concept, or assembling a creative team to develop and produce a project.

our work

The Red House Trailer
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The Red House

Working closely with writer/director Jiaqi Lin, we helped break down the script, craft a workable budget framework and assemble a team of experienced professionals to help her realize her vision.

our services

& Production

From the word "go" we have you covered.

Planning & Preparation

With over 40 years combined experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the planning and preparation of every creative project we take on with our clients.


Using our wide and diverse range of industry connections, we source the very best crew members to deliver on our clients' creative vision.


& Beyond

We're with you every step of the way.


We've run post production on countless projects over the past 3 decades. We know the tools and techniques needed to get your project over the line.

Visual Effects & More

We've worked with some of the best known visual effects artists in the industry and we're happy to bring them to your project, should such things be needed.

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