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A former prizefighter fresh out of drug rehab jumps at the chance for redemption when he’s recruited by his ex-lover to find her runaway teenage daughter (and a million dollars cash) before the girl’s sociopathic father kills them all.


The Fire Tree

After escaping an abusive marriage and moving back in with her dysfunctional parents, a struggling young mother begins to develop her innate psychic abilities which reveal long-hidden family secrets and unwittingly attract the fascination of a handsome stranger - serial killer Ted Bundy. 

Between Sets - (Not Final)

Greenwich Village, 1962:  Trouble awaits the members of the Zo Daniels Quartet, the house band in a far-out basement dive, when they arrive for their usual night of smokin’ post-bop.

Black Gold (1)
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Black Gold

Currently in development, BLACK GOLD is an unscripted documentary series built around the surging interest in vinyl records, specifically highly collectible albums. In this project, through the prism of specific records, we examine the social, cultural and political movements reflected in the music.

She Sessions

Rush Hour is currently working closely with the team behind She Sessions to expand on the project, developing concepts for an unscripted limited documentary series.

She Talks
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